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Factory Assembled Cooling Towers

Pritchard's unsurpassed skills in application engineering, combined with BAC's position as the global leader in modular factory assembled process cooling and heat transfer equipment and technology, places our affiliation at the forefront of project conception, design and implementation.

Pritchard, enabled by BAC's exclusive range of modular factory assembled equipment, have the ability to deliver optimised solutions that meet even the most complex project requirements.



Factory Assembled Towers

Factory Assembled

Cooling Towers


Cooling Towers use an environmentally friendly cooling process, resulting in a proven, efficient and cost-effective method of cooling condenser water loops and industrial processes.

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Factory Assembled

Closed Circuit Coolers


Closed Circuit Cooling Towers use a clean, closed

loop, in a highly efficient evaporative heat transfer process.

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Factory Assembled

Evaporative Condensers


Evaporative Condensers offer energy savings

providing lower system condensing temperatures

than conventional air-cooled or water-cooled

condensing systems.

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Factory Assembled

Water Saving Devices


Hybrid 'Water Saving' Towers combine the best of

both worlds wet and dry cooling into a single compact

cost-effective unit.

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