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Cooling Tower maintenance and repairs make up a very important part of our business.

Pritchard with a network of worldwide affiliates has the experience, trained professionals, facilities and parts to meed your every need - large or small - regardless of who built your tower originally.

Beyond Routine Services

Pritchard's modern, efficient, manufacturing and prefabrication capabilities allows fittings to be tailor made with new, more modern and efficient componentry. In fact, we specialise in unusual and particularly difficult customer requirements that go beyond the routine services.

Pritchard's broad approach to project execution ensures timely protection of your process cooling and heat transfer equipment.




Repairs, Rebuilds,

Replacements and Extensions to Existing Towers

Where a new cooling tower may not be always feasible, remanufactured parts and rebuilds are. Pritchard can custom design replacement cooling towers to fit the existing basins and piers with demolition and erection on a cell by cell basis incorporating the technological advances of a new tower. Or, additional cells simply be added to match the existing.


When a cooling tower has reached the end of its life, Pritchard as agents for Baltimore Aircoil and its affiliates can provide, new more modern and efficient units to better suit your requirements.

Complete Installations -

Structural, Piping, Ladders, Platforms and Walkways


Pritchard's engineering capability is second to none. Innovative design concepts reduce both material and on-site labour costs. Pritchard's design and prefabrication abilities allow for a planned modular approach to our design concepts, shipped directly to site for ease of installation reducing on-site labour hours ensuring a more timely installation whilst reducing associated risks.

Management of safe, successful business operations has never been so demanding for Australian Managers. Australia's leading Consultants and Principle Contractors now have a lower appetite for risk and demand comprehensive access solutions. Ladders and use of harnesses are no longer considered components of safe practice.

Download information on design obligations and solutions in relation to Easy, Safe and Simple Access for Cooling Tower Maintenance.

Download for design obligations and solutions

BAC Modular Cooling Towers for Hire

Pritchard and our specialised team can support your cooling tower requirements with a fleet of rental equipment. Whether it be for emergency back-up or a planned maintenance shutdown we can tailor a solution to ensure your site specific needs are met. This is supported with on-site installation or commissioning supervision..


Contact our technical staff on 07 3219 0133 to assist you in providing a customised solution to suit your business requirements.




We have a large BAC Cooling Tower rental fleet available now..

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Repairs and Emergency Services

We pride ourselves on quick and efficient service. Call Pritchard and we guarantee you within 24 hours, trained personnel will be on the job to rectify the problem.



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