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Water and the Evaporation Cycle




This stream of saturated exhaust air returns water to the atmosphere.

Plume from BAC Cooling Towers at a Google Data Centre

Evaporative cooling systems use the same principle as perspiration to provide cooling for machinery and buildings. A cooling tower is a heat-transfer device, which discharges warm air from the cooling tower to the atmosphere through the cooling of water. The term “cooling tower” is used to describe both open- and closed-circuit heat-transfer equipment.


Cooling Tower water is circulated through a process heat exchanger where heat is transfered to the water. The purpose of the cooling tower is to cool the warm water returning from the heat exchanger so it can be reused. In the open cooling tower, the warm return water from the heat exchanger is sprayed over the “fill”. The fill provides the surface area to enhance the heat transfer between the water and air, causing a portion of the water to evaporate. That cool water then loops back to the beginning of the process, to absorb more heat from the heat exchanger.


The evaporated water is recycled time and time again through our environment. From the moisture in the air, the clouds, via rain to creeks, rivers, dams, the ocean and back to the process.

Vision Blue

The environment is an ever changing one, however in recent years many scientists have acknowledged that human induced climate change is a real and present danger to the global population. Pritchard and BAC Australia is very passionate about the environment and the community our employees live in.


With this in mind BAC have launched our sustainability platform visionblue.


Pritchard believes that “what’s good for the environment is good for business”. The theory being that if we improve the efficiency of our manufacturing process we can produce better products with lower overheads.




Low Environmental Impact Solutions


Providing energy efficient evaporative heat transfer products

Evaporative Cooling versus

Air Cooled Equipment

Locally Sourced Units

Recycled Content

Evaporative Cooling combined with air convection is a more effective way of cooling versus air cooling only, resulting in lower energy consumption.


Reduces energy by approximately 35%.


Increased efficiency results in lower overall water consumption.


Overall water usage takes into account:

  • Water used at the power plant to create electricity
  • Water used in the mining process to extract power producing minerals

Combining with:

  • Reduced plan area
  • Reduced sound

BAC has strategically positioned manufacturing facilities allowing for short delivery distances and reduced emissions from shipping.


BAC manufactures its equipment with up to 90% recycled content. The materials include stainless steel, PVC for fill and piping, aluminium sheaves, and copper windings in electric motors etc.

10 Star Energy Efficiency Rating


Low Sound Low Energy Selections


No Noise No Problem

Importance of Low Sound Solutions

Noise is defined as any sound that is loud, undesired, unpleasant, or that causes disturbance. When the noise is a part of our environment, it is often referred to as noise pollution. High noise levels can have adverse effects on the human body, including hearing loss, loss of productivity, interference with communication, increased stress and sleep deprivation. The severity of these effects is dependent on the intensity and duration of the noise.

Pritchard maintains the widest selection of sound mitigating options in the market place and can provide EVERY solution for sound reduction:


  • Sound is energy: Reduced Fan Motor Size
  • Whisper Quiet Fans
  • Stealth Fans
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Controls
  • Attenuation
  • Acoustic Barriers




Baltimore Aircoil

The Future of Cooling Tower Technology

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